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Sometimes we just need a little pre-game food before we dive into the read deal!  We get that!  At Magpie though - our "starters" also make great mini meals too! 

Try our Hand Breaded - Panko Encrusted - Deep Fried Raviolis, our Steak and Cheese Eggrolls, our take on Fried Mozzarella, a fresh salad, chicken tenders or a combination of all of them for a sampler of pure goodness!

Hand Stretched Wood Fire Pizza, House Made Flatbreads and fresh Wings with your favorite sauces are the menu du jour, but never be afraid at Magpie to ask for something a little unique to you - if we have the ingredients, we are happy to get creative!

Italy meets France in America here at Magpie!  Enjoy one or all of our House made desserts.  Beignets, Peanut Butter Pie, Traditional Cannolis or Cannoli Chips and Dip.



In 2021 - the year when pandemic recovery began - MAGPIE PIZZA COMPANY was born, launching a new concept called the Pizza Cafe, a space where families can hang out together, kids can chill together and small parties have a place to land!

Welcome to MAGPIE PIZZA COMPANY Come visit and bring the Family!

What's been really heartwarming to watch lately is the staff putting so much into this place!  I've been watching for weeks!  They built the furniture, created an outdoor seating space, working crazy hours and they have even talked with employees from previous businesses and US (we are a nearby business) to learn  about our community needs.  This is definitely their place now and I  for one cannot wait for them to open and EAT! 

Laney Kerchner - Frederick, MD

Our Specialties


Wood Fire, Brick Oven Pizza and Flatbreads.  It's definitely not your ordinary pie. Hand tossed and stretched to the perfect size, this thinner crusted pizza captures a perfect blend of flavors from the live wood fire and the ingredients you choose to create a perfect dinner for all.


Antipasto - Italian for Appetizer or starter.

Whether an American twist on an Asian treat or a good ole fashion Italian Fried Ravioli , MAGPIE offers some traditional and a few nontraditional favorites that will get your taste buds talkin before you launch into your main meal!


Home made by one very talented lady right here on our staff, Rina's Peanut Butter Pie is a treat worth trying.  If Peanuts aren't your thing - no worries at MAGPIE!  We've got Cannolis, Cannolis chips and dip, and even Beignets!


Have us bring it all to your next event!  MAGPIE will deliver all this goodness to your next meeting or celebration!  Offer your guests something truly unique and definitely tasty!

Call Us for More Information or to Place Your Order!